Adele | Easy On Me | Rating & Review by Mistah Wilson

I know I'm late but there is good reason. We'll skip over that for this review. You know, there's common theme among Adele's songs that have tha same vibe. It's tha songs that have extended introductions to her music videos before tha song drops. But, it gives me tha impression of over-conceptualizing. It's really not that deep. Honestly, I feel like her or anyone on her team didn't really have a creative direction. But, because she's Adele, it doesn't really matter. She doesn't need one.

Nevertheless, I absolutely love this song. I remember when it came out in 2021. It had to grow on me because from a songwriter standpoint, I'm like, what's so profound about such a simple chorus? But, Adele's song releases are so highly anticipated that people accept it for what it is. Adele is my generation. And I like to think she makes mood music for depressed people. And yes, I've been depressed much throughout my life. Her music is able to resonate with a broken spirit. 

At first, I felt like this song wasn't a great exhibition of her true talents. But, before I realized it, tha lyrics of her song were directly applied to my life in ways I don't want to detail in this article. I was in jail, and this song would come on and just make my heart drop. It soon became a very special song. And to this day, it means a lot to me. 

The replay value of this song, in my opinion, is very high. I can almost say I listen to this song on average once about every other 10 songs I play. It invokes an emotion that pulls on tha heartstrings of sacred memories. And as a child who grew up in foster care for most of his life, tha chorus in this song hits deep. I feel as though she's speaking for me. And that's what makes this song so personal to me.

Rating 9.2

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