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UMC20: 20 Distinct Flavors (Dec. 13, 2022)

Hold it right there! This holiday season, we’re asking our community to support Underground Music Collective’s Underground Rising initiative! By making a tax-deductible donation to UMC via The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, you ensure that we can keep sharing songs and stories from independent creatives everywhere, for years to come. Click here to get started!

Anyway, onto this week’s UMC20…

Track listing
The Parasocial Club – Choke
Bronnie – Back and Forth
Fyre Byrd – Happy Thoughts
Demi the Daredevil – Withering Heights
Roi and the Secret People – Life is Happening
Julian Fulco Perron – Can’t Be Trusted (A)
The Southern Gothic – Talking In My Sleep
Tupelo Honey – Heartbreak on Ice
Jill Barber – Beautiful Life
Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley – Living in a Song
Bryan Ruby – Christmas With You
Gina Naomi Baez – When You Hear Joni
Foundation Mecca – EVERYTHING SOLO
Heru Heru – Got the Vibe
Demi Jordanae – Serenity
Sarah Krimson – Urban Melancholia
Stefano May – We Are the Power
Bree Runway ft. Stormzy – PICK YOUR POISON
ella jane ft. Charlie Hickey – Sore Loser
Will Linley – Last Call



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