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Songs You Should Hear: All Kinds of Intensity!

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Anyway, onto this week’s Songs You Should Hear…

Artist: Fyre Byrd
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Why You Should Hear It: The Aussie brother-sister duo has officially arrived to the United States, releasing their first single since coming to America during the pandemic. A haunting ambiance underscores themes of mental anguish, which then crescendos like the spiral of negative thoughts that can run away with our joy like a thief in the night.

Also, it’s worth noting that the drums on this track are as hard-hitting as they are intricate, and serve as the force that drives this cut forward!

Artist: The Parasocial Club
Song: Choke
Genre: Punk/Hard Rock
Why You Should Hear It: The Nashville-based project of Oliver Risch and Greg Bruick comes out swinging before the new year, with an intense, pointed commentary on the state of the environment.

The band tells us that “(‘Choke’) came out of a reaction from Oliver as he was watching a news coverage of another oil spill in the ocean. The fear of what it will do to our environment and future.”

Artist: Struggle Jennings
Song: Drinking Alone
Genre: Country rap
Why You Should Hear It: The grandson of Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter, Struggle Jennings has been setting the world on fire, performing for sold out crowds across the country and recently appearing alongside Jelly Roll at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. It’s easy to hear why, because tunes like “Drinking Alone” appeal across the musical spectrum, combining self-aware hip hop lyricism with the grit of outlaw country.

What do you think we should hear? You’re always welcome to let us know! And, if you’re an artist (or represent an artist), you can fill out one of these forms to put your music on our radar!



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