Mix : The Mr.Hightower Presents Wreckonize Lesson 5


The Mr.Hightower is back with the 5th volume of his Wreckonize Lesson series. A few Track IDs are still missing in the tracklist, feel free to help if you know them !  Peace 

Boot Camp Clik - Wake Up Show Anthem #2

03:45 ?

Company Flow - Juvenile Technique

Specs - Put Ya Money On Us

Evolution - Ease Back

Young Lord - Real G's Die Hard

Madd Syco - Splittin Wigz 

Shaleek & The 2nd Family - Bak On The Scene

Madd Man - Nod Your Head 

3 Times Dope - Kick Dat Style

Blaakarme - Low Budget Silencer

U.S.D - The Place

Native Trinity - Check It Out

Blacc Heart - How Long 

Sound Of Rage - Street Warriors

Traum - Mad Dreamz

55:40 ?

58:40 ? Instrumental

source http://hiphop-thegoldenera.blogspot.com/2022/12/mix-mrhightower-presents-wreckonize.html

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