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LISTEN: Coley Kennedy and Justin Collins Make ‘The Most of Christmastime’

Everyone’s favorite Kings of Christmas Eve are back for the season!

Michigan-based vocalist Coley Kennedy and Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist Justin Collins have created more holiday magic using nothing more than their wits, their musical talents, and their iPhones. Their latest holiday tune — “The Most of Christmastime” — honors the duo’s newfound tradition of recording a long-distance holiday tune, before mixing the final product in GarageBand iOS.

“The Most of Christmastime” is a hazy holiday dreamscape, complete with warm yuletide imagery, the calming presence of jingle bells, and bright and dreamy 1960s-inspired harmonies. Penned by Kennedy, the tune is said to be “an indie rock nod to the crooners and Holiday recordings of the 1950s/60s.”

Have some fun with this one below. And, if you love it, head on over to Bandcamp and name your price to own it yourself!



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