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Is The Washington Post A Credible Source? Twitter Users Don't Seem To Think So...

All tha media outlets that are mad at Elon for buying Twitter and fostering an even playing field called themselves leaving tha platform citing a so-called rise in hate speech. 

The highly-esteemed Washington Post took out an AD on Twitter campaigning for subscribers but tha Twitter comments reveal tha ugly truth about how people truly feel about tha so-called credible news source we all know as the Washington Post! Check it out below...

And these few tweets are only just a scratch. We didn't pick out tha ones that matched our narrative. In fact, every single tweet we saw was negative towards WP. I mean, you have users saying you couldn't pay them to read the Washington Post calling it "too liberal" of a publication. I mean, when you endorse sin like homosexuality in what was known as a Christian nation, how could that not be hatred? Just thought we should put this out there.  



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