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DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #288 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #BoomBapShow #288 [New Season]#BrandNew RONSHA MIX N°288 [New Season] #BoomBapShow supported by Mickey Factz / A-$harp / EP (The Doppelgangaz) / K.Burns / Bobby J From Rockaway / Nef / Xp The Marxman / William Bostick / LuGhz / Watkinz Da General / Meeco / Taiyamo Denku / Nord1kone / Evolve / nAvi the NORTH / Copywrite / Thrust OG / Ruste Juxx / 38 Spesh / A.M. Early Morning / M Doc Diego / Zagnif Nori / Bobby Craves (CERTAIN.ONES) / Don Def / Dox Black / Eclyse / Chuck Chan / G Fam Black / MC Wicks / Juga-Naut / ACT-1 & Sankofa (VLTR KMBT) / Nems / Rasheed Chappell / Little Vic, and more...

1- DJ Fidjay "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Kool G Rap x Domingo "Born N Raised" (feat. Grandmaster Caz, Doo Wop & Marley Marl)
3- Taiyamo Denku x Snowgoons "They Ask Me"
4- VLTR KMBT (ACT-1 & Sankofa) "White Gold Tarantula"
5- The Doppelgangaz "In The Black"
6- Bobby J From Rockaway x Nef "From The Jum" (feat. J57)
7- nAvi the NORTH "No Mercy" (feat. Agallah & Copywrite)
8- Bun B x Statik Selektah "Every Hour" (feat. Nems & Papoose)
9- LuGhz x Watkinz Da General "Superior" (feat. Lupus Dei)
10- The Alchemist "Roman Candles" (feat. Roc Marciano & Black Thought)
11- S Eyes Finest "City That Never Sleeps" (feat. ISO Indies)
12- A-$harp & Wizecrack "The Preacher's Beeper Number"
13- nAvi the NORTH "Lights Out (Tommy Vamoz Remix)" (feat. Ruste Juxx & Thrust OG)
14- Meeco & DJ Access "Change" (feat. JD Era)
15- Kail Problems & DJ Hoppa "Sippy Cup"
16- 88 Marksmen (Bugsy H. & S18) x Masta Conga "12 Orbits"
17- Rasheed Chappell x Little Vic "Becoming" (feat. Aidan)
18- Chef Mike "Calling Card" (feat. Nord1kone & Evolve)
19- Cochise MC x The Architect "Audio Clinic" (feat. K.Burns)
20- TULIP88 "Classics" (feat. Juga-Naut & C.O.N-Vers)
21- Don Def x M.O.D. "Death Con 1"
22- Your Old Droog x Wino Willy "Brinks Truck"
23- ISO Indies "From The Ground Up (Freestyle)" (feat. C-Rxch)
24- CERTAIN.ONES x Jay Sax "Imagine That" (feat. Bobby Craves, Mula McNasty, Feral Serge & Ace Danero) [Cuts by Cut Supreme]
25- Eclyse x Mike Martinez "Rearview Mirror"
26- G Fam Black x Chuck Chan "Lead Paint"
27- A.M. Early Morning x DVNTBEATS "Odarom"
28- Mar$ Noel x BigBob "Major Appreciation"
29- Boldy James x Cuns "Travel Lodge"
30- Mickey Factz x Ayo Shamir "Long Live"
31- Xp The Marxman x WuillDaFriqq "Outchea" [Cuts by William Bostick]
32- Isaac Castor x Foul Mouth "Rabbit Season"
33- Ricky Bats x Paula Cicero ​"Things For Sale"
34- Ransom & V Don "Hit List" (feat. 38 Spesh)
35- VH$ (Effiscienz) "On Me" (feat. Josh Wright & MC Wicks)
36- The Alchemist "Mac 10 Wounds" (feat. Conway The Machine)
37- GNyce "Greater N.Y." (feat. M Doc Diego & Zagnif Nori)
38- Dox Black x Baselife Productions "Globetrotter"



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