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UMC20: Thankful for This HEAT (Nov. 22, 2022)

We’ve got a smorgasbord of rock, pop, and Americana for you this week!

Also, a big shoutout to our friends at °1824 (via Universal Music Group), who are always down to share their emerging artists with us. A few appear here, as you weave your way through the playlist. A couple of them (namely, DREAMERS) will be in town tonight — and we’ll be there, camera in tow!

Let us all give thanks for these jams. Then, let’s dig in!

Track listing
DaChri – Trouble
Vogue Villains – Wrong Side of Midnight
DREAMERS – Robbery
HARBOUR – Swimming in My Head
Young Rising Sons – Beach Bummer
St. Humain – Pillow
t.RUTH – I Don’t Need to Be Saved
The Mandevilles – Wasn’t Always
f1oater. – CARDBOARD
Parker McCord – High Drive Home
Sarah Krimson – Urban Melancholia
Chxrry22 – Sacrifice
The Subtheory – Camus and Sartre
Kylie Spence – Gazelle
Dermot Kennedy – One Life
Arletta Marie – Trouble
Sid Seth – Caffeine High
Julian Fulco Perron – Can’t Be Trusted
Josh Kinney – Never Wanna Leave
Rome & Duddy – I’ll Be Right Here



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