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UMC20: Everything You Need (Nov. 15, 2022)

It’s that time again!

Time to hear what the indie musicians of Earth have been up to. From Nashville to Nigeria — we’ve got an artist based in Lagos on this week’s UMC20 — we’ve got exactly what your music-loving soul needs, and we’re wasting no time in bringing it to you!

P.S.: See if you can find the three artists performing with us at this Thursday’s NashLive! Holistic Hang at The Holistic Connection. Also, make plans to join us!

Track listing
Stephen Babcock – I Just Can’t
DaChri – Unfiltered
0-brien – Break.mp3
Colaine – SUCKS TO BE YOU!
Zoie X – love u 2 death
Julia Kahn – Broken Kind of Beautiful
Demi Jordanae – How Did We Get Here
ZeXzy – Amapiano
Foundation Mecca – My Love
Fake Dad – New Machines
Alone at Parties – Oranges & Apples
Soheill – The Antagonist
The Wistful Larks – Is What Obvious?
ARREIS – Straight to Hell
Hippie Speedball – Stereo Type
Gabrielle Grace – I Wish That I Could Tell You
Julian Fulco Perron – In My Garden
TopHouse – Number One
Caitlin Quisenberry – Cowboys Make Better Lovers
Jake Swamp and the Pine – Drive, Drive, Drive



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