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PHOTOS: DREAMERS at The Basement East (w/ Smallpools & Young Rising Sons)


DREAMERS have been in my orbit for quite some time. I remember back in the early days of this platform — before we moved to Nashville, and before we were even known as Underground Music Collective — when I would drive through the streets of Bethlehem, PA bumping tunes like “Sweet Disaster” and “Wolves (You Got Me),” traveling from gig to gig, and from meeting to meeting.

So, when we had an opportunity to catch them at The Basement East alongside Smallpools (and with the support of New Jersey natives, Young Rising Sons), we had to jump on it!

We’re certainly glad we did, because DREAMERS put on an edgy, high-energy performance that spoke to their history and evolution as a band. Fuzzy guitars, booming rhythms, and a melting pot of genre influences made for a dynamic tour-concluding performance last Tuesday night.

Like punk? You would’ve loved the raw passion behind “Misfits T-Shirt.” How about loud, raucous anthems? The groovy “Heat Seeker” had what you were looking for, and something tells me you would’ve loved the intensity of “Painkiller” just as much, if not more — its groundswell of tension led all the way up to a powerful drum-and-bass solo that left the audience captivated.

We were even treated to the band’s most recent cut, “Internet Junkie,” a jaded waltz about society’s overreliance on (and overindulgence in) the digital world, as well as the unreleased “Bleed Through,” a moving, doo-wop inspired tune about a man who jumped off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge — and lived to tell about it.

Truthfully, this entire night was a highlight, from start to finish, with DREAMERS nestled right in the middle of the lineup. A spirited opening effort from Young Rising Sons featured a muscular rock and roll sensibility that would make their legendary New Jersey counterparts proud, tied together with a melodic flair akin to Neon Trees. Later, Smallpools came on to close things out, offering a full slate of anthemic alt-pop bangers in support of their new single, “Cameras & Coastlines.”

Of course, we’ve got photos! Check ’em out!



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