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John Lennon's Killer Just Revealed His Motive at New Hearing


Chapman pled guilty to killing Lennon and was sentenced in 1981. His lawyers wanted to prove that he was not responsible "by reason of mental disease or defect," but Chapman said that God told him to plead guilty, as reported by The New York Times

At the sentencing, Chapman read a passage from The Catcher in the Rye, a book that he was obsessed with and was reading when he was arrested on the day of the murder.

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The emergence of the Beatles in the early 1960's wasn't just a seismic event in pop music, but in Western and world culture as a whole. The Beatles helped create and shape the counterculture of the 1960s, and future generations have looked to them as a touchstone for artistic independence, fashion and style, and psychedelia that continues to resonate even today.

At the center of the Beatles was John Lennon, a counterculture icon who found himself the de-facto head of a worldwide cultural revolution. That turned him into both a prophet for baby boomers and a high-profile target for many powerful and influential people - as well as one deranged killer named Mark David Chapman.




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