Fatal Lucciauno "These Days There Are More Programs Than When I Was Growing Up"

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Mistah Wilson: What time period would you say was tha golden era of tha Central District and what are your thoughts with how things have changed over tha past 20 years?
Fatal Lucciauno: I think this is the Golden era in the Central District. Sure, there’s nostalgia associated with CD panthers Highschool rivalry games (Garfield vs Franklin). Sammy Super Burgers, Ms. Helens soul food, the first Philly’s Best location on 24th & Union. Isaiah Anderson at the Yesler Terrace community center and Donna Kirvin at Garfield Community Center made growing up easier to deal with. I was used to drugs and murder but actually having fun as a kid was not always a reality so those programs and black owned businesses like Earls helped shape my identity. But to be honest these days there are more programs than there were when I was growing up crime isn’t necessarily worse. The offenders are just younger, and the violence can be senseless but not worse.

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