Fatal Lucciauno on His Inspiration to Rap Music "I Fell In Love With Hip Hop Watching LL Cool J"

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Mistah Wilson: Ok, now let's get to tha music! From music videos to consistently performing, you've been at this for awhile. What's your inspiration to rap music? What would you say is your "why"?
Fatal Lucciauno: I fell in love with Hip Hop watching LL Cool J. I lost my innocence when MC Ren was on my tv screen. Before then I wanted to be Mike Jack with the glove and the thriller jacket lol. Rap Music keeps me sane but it’s also like my second language, when it’s hard to convey a message, music is the tool that helps me translate my thoughts and emotions in a more digestible manner. Self expression is another “Why”. Most of America can only hear what I’m saying if I’m wearing a jersey or holding a microphone. I wish I was being sarcastic when I say the only way a black man is heard in this country is if he is in some form of entertainment. The MC/ Rappers were the best at making themselves heard regardless of the message the result was the same. Rappers seemed fearless while civil rights leaders seemed like puppets.

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