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Fatal Lucciauno on Experiencing Homelessness "I Was Homeless The Majority Of My Childhood In Seattle"

Mistah Wilson: Before we get into tha music, I want to discuss life growing up in Seattle. What type of impact would you say tha town has had on you as an artist?
Fatal Lucciauno: I was homeless the majority of my childhood in Seattle. I was Seattle Housing authority units on Yesler all the way to the east Cherry YWCA units. Went to First Place school for families in transition. Worked hard and was in the M.E.S.A program in the 3rd grade. By the 5th Grade I was reading college level material and studied classical Piano. I had a rough start but seemingly endless opportunities were presented to me early on. The problem was a lot of the programs offered to me would’ve separated me from my family at a young age so it was never really an option outside of school hours.


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