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Blueface Arrested for Attempted Murder


Blueface was arrested for attempted murder in Las Vegas Tuesday in what eyewitnesses allege was an undercover operation.

According to TMZ, the rapper was apprehended outside of Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles. Video footage of the arrest shows Blueface being cuffed and taken to the ground by five men in front of his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. Eyewitnesses claim there were between six and eight undercover officers on the scene, who were parked in unmarked cars.

Shortly after the arrest, Chrisean Rock tweeted, "Ugh why gotta take you from me."

Reports claim the officers were executing an open warrant for felony attempted murder from an alleged incident that occurred on October 8th. Additional charges include discharging a gun into a house, building, vehicle or craft.

This is a developing story, so please stay tuned as more details become available.

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