Baby Joe Goes Beyond The Realms of Time and Space in ‘Milky Way’

Baby Joe is an inspiring young Blak artist, performer and valued member of his community, committed to giving back and activating it for the better. With wit and insight unmatched, he is primed to take Song to a whole new place. 

 Inspired his mob and other young mob chopping up at life, Baby Joe is most driven by witnessing people who have less then himself who manage to find the value in things when others cannot. These individuals instil hope in others, allowing them to realise what great things can be achieved with so little, recognising the full power of passion.Passing it on, Baby Joe is partner for Proud Of It Prod, a mob of young gifted people who are together building space to give a platform to others growing up without a sense of direction. Proud Of It Prod is creating pathways where young mob can use their skills to profit from their passion to further help one another reach new heights. 

 Music is healing, whether its an emotionally aggressive or joyful sound, it can still achieve the same result bringing together people from all walks of life. Baby Joe impacts people in the way they listen and become uplifted, “this doesn’t just mean people are happy listening to my music, it means they can be upset, frustrated and unhappy and still resonate with the words in their own way to find closure or acceptance progressing onwards.” 

“Our time here is precious” states Baby Joe. “Imagine what we could do, if only we had the space. Not just space in the physical, but also time, in an emotional and spiritual sense as well”. Baby Joe’s debut track Milky Way emerged from a distinct need to create space from mob that were unintentionally blocking and holding him back. 

 An inspiring young Blak artist with wit and insight unmatched, Baby Joe collabs with Blkmpire and Blah on beats to bring forth a poppin’ new sound to express the request for space to connect-in deeply with the things that nourish and value life. Space that evokes a sense of belonging.“Blkmpire is a tree and I am a leaf. I love being part of a really solid family lifting each other’s spirits. The lyrics from the song came from the mad vibe I was in, the deep yarns I was having with the mob around me. The words were all just coming to my head, like they were coming from them”. 

 Blkmpire is the conception of Blak sovereign space, moving away from the western model exploiting Song and Song Peoples. Reimagining Blak contemporary music to elevate creators proper-Blak way. A kinship informed movement to decolonise the creation and sharing of Blak Song.The exquisitely shot Milky Way music video visually impacts and captures this intent through the connection of three visionaries; BABY JOE on the INSIGHT, KARRA NAM building for the MOVEMENT, and Blah on the BEAT//CINE.Proud Kaurna and Narungga woman Karra Nam is a lit dancer sharing her story and culture. Her work with Electric Fields, Tjarutja Dance Collective and appointment with Bangarra amplifies her precious contribution to Blak Song. Milky Way recently spotlighted on Apple Music’s FIRST with Baby Joe as the featured cover artist. 


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