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Overnight Success: The Music Industry’s Greatest Myth

It takes a long time to be able to fill rooms like this…

You’ve seen it in the news. You’ve heard it on the radio. Your friends and family have talked about it, whenever it apparently occurs. Somebody, previously unknown by the masses, has a big moment and quickly gains traction and relevance in the public eye. Opportunities begin pouring in, and suddenly, they’ve become a household name. Those unaware of the truth behind this individual’s creative journey gather ‘round, from near and far, and proclaim this individual…


However, appearances can be deceiving. This seemingly sudden rocket ship to fame and fortune may appear to have emerged out of thin air. However, rest assured that the ship most likely had many false starts where it struggled to get off the ground. Once it took off, its upward trajectory did not occur in a straight line; rather, the currents of life have tested the vessel’s integrity. Perhaps an emergency landing was necessary along its journey, in order to prevent a full-blown crash.

Indeed, anybody who has been a creative entrepreneur for long enough knows that the course of success – much like true love – never runs smooth. And, over time, we put in enough late nights (immediately followed by early mornings) to realize the truth…

Overnight success simply does not exist.


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