Grimstyles "I Love Being Creative, And Hip Hop Gives Me The Freedom To Do That."

Mistah Wilson: In 2016, you came thru to The Element event in Pasadena and rocked tha stage for us. What part of tha process do you enjoy most: making songs, shooting music videos, or performing at shows?
Grimstyles: That was a great night! I met some great people that night that I am still homies with to this day. Interestingly enough, my first couple of performances outside of Bakersfield was in Pasadena. I performed once at the SideWalk Cafe on Los Robles and then at Tha Element. You can actually watch my performance from Tha Element on my YouTube channel. I love being creative, and Hip Hop gives me the freedom to do that. I love all aspects of it from writing songs to shooting videos and performing. It's all art to me. To me, songs are how artists share their art with the world - music videos and live performances only enhance that further.

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