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Sunday Replay: Tennessee Titans and Nashville Hip Hop; Communicating the Truth Through Music

Earlier this week, we announced that we’re giving you a daily taste of our Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn, by sharing the show’s most insightful, inspirational, and/or hilarious moments on-demand.

We encourage you to subscribe to UMC on YouTube, to ensure that you don’t miss a moment. However, we’re also making it easy for you to find the goods every weekend with our new Sunday Replay feature, right here on UMC!

Every Sunday, we’ll roll all of the week’s clips into a recap, giving you the opportunity to catch them all under one roof. From there, if you want even more Quinn Spinn goodness where that came from, might we suggest the following links?

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Anyway, onto the first-ever Sunday Replay!

From our latest Quinn Spinn Solo Mission: Part of living your dream means being willing to encounter challenges along the creative journey, and embracing those challenges and triumphs with equal poise and grace.

In an excerpt from our uplifting conversation with musician, music therapist, and activist Kyshona Armstrong, we discuss the power of music to communicate our shared human experience — even when it’s difficult.

Nate Bain, Director of Social Media and Influencer Engagement for the Tennessee Titans, shares the ways the organization supports Nashville’s emerging hip hop community.



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