Meet Hip Hop Musician "Cassette" from Vancouver, BC

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Cassette's distinctive style involves noticeable high level lyricism and a hard hitting concise flow. Not to mention her powerhouse cadence and raw delivery. For a number of years; she's been advocating for female empowerment and understanding the importance of a unified hip-hop scene. She has always believed in lifting her musical peers up rather than viewing other musicians as competition. Cassette's flavor is encompassed with 90s east coast hip-hop while incorporating some new school elements in her latest music. In May 2022 Cassette's released an official music video for her single Paid Now that has received global attention. Residing in the West Coast area of Canada ( Vancouver) she's been a force to be reckoned with and a well-known representative to women in the music industry.

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  1. Welcome to ThaWilsonBlock Network, Cassette! Loving tha music!

  2. Yo this artist is nice...refreshing to hear a female lyricist that got some scence. Welcome to tha block Cassette keep going it sound good!

  3. This article is amazing and so is the artist