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King Leez on Life Growing Up In Tacoma, Washington "Either You Sink or Swim" (Part 2)

"Either you sink or swim in Tacoma it’s a ruff city"

Mistah Wilson: First & foremost, tell us about life growing up in Tacoma, WA for you...
King Leez: Either you sink or swim in Tacoma it’s a ruff city. It’s such a small area so if you develop beef or issues with individuals you’re going to run into them without question so that’s kind of how we operated being from a certain area we had to stand our ground and gain respect from the city.

Mistah Wilson: You are hands down one of tha illest we've heard from Tacoma, and that's a BIG statement.. How did growing up in tha Tac impact tha artist you are today?
King Leez: Appreciate the love! Not that much light has gotten shined on my city so I go into everything having a chip on my shoulder and wanting to be that light, knowing that I have to be extremely talented to be noticed being from where I’m from so to answer your question it made me hungry AF.


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