Sion Vesill - MC's Act Like They Don't Know


Taking inspiration from the golden age of hip hop is nothing new to Liverpool legend Sion Vesill. From the moment he ventured into the world of breaks and beats, taking cues from the likes of 2-Pac, his music has had a strong root in the truths that are embodied by truly infectious beats. It is fitting then that his latest release pays homage to one of the most creative voices of the hip hop scene. KRS’ 1995 single 'MC's act like you don’t know', was the lead track on the ground-breaking album Sophomore and explores the challenges of live performance vs recording studio. It’s an ever common issue and one that artists like Vesill are keen to explore. As an artist who displays exemplary talent both on and off stage, Vesill is keen to explore the legacy of talent left by artists like KRS, and this latest release does just that. As Vesill himself states: "I’ve always admired the pioneers of hip hop and try to learn as much as I can from them, especially the likes of KRS ONE, Kool G rap, Rakim. I feel like our new generation is neglecting the history of the art form and not saluting the fathers of hip hop. I am a student. I will always be a student of rap/hip hop, we can never stop learning. "The moment you think you are too good or know it all is the moment you will cease to grow as an artist. I’m inspired by the past and the present so I can deliver something unique in the future, something true to myself. I am honoured to be able to even rap and I will always pay respect to those who did it before me. "Emcees act like they don’t know'' is one of the coldest beats in hip hop history so I had to reach into a bag that can only be found when the inspiration of artists like KRS one shows you how it should be done! It lights a fire in you that you have to do good, you can’t ruin these beats, they are a piece of hip hop and I will never forget that."

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