Poetic Souls - Too Much TV / 31 Flavors - 1992


12" - 2013 - Lost Records  

Here is the re-issue of the original 12" dropped by Poetic Souls in 1992 on Wyze Move Records. It came out in 2013 on Lost Records and is composed of the tracks "Too Much TV" and  "31 Flavors".

Poetic Souls was a rap duo from Houston, Tx comprised of Snap & GT. Snap also known as Red Cess Da Blak Destro and G.T. also known as Guerilla Terrorist were also members of the Psyko Ward Crew with Smokee Da Bandit, Beholda', T-Wrekz Da Phonetical, D-ology Da Blaka Ax Paka, Fliponya Da Bladerunna, Savere Da Butcha, and Tabu Da Rekka. They dropped their demo "Nine Circles of Rek" around 1994. 

Flyer courtesy of Garza Carlos &  Houston Hip Hop Research Collection

Photo courtesy of DJ Cipher 

Poetic Souls single "Too Much TV" is pressed on the A-side called the Poetic Side. The song is available in its Hard and Instrumental versions produced by Doc Doom and in its Bugged version produced by DJ Cipher (of Example). At that time, G.T. and Cipher worked together and ran the underground Hip-Hop radio show on 90.1 KPFT named "The Bridge". 

"31 Flavors" is pressed on the B-side called the Soul side, available in its Vocal and Instrumental versions produced by DJ Cipher as well.

Snap, GT & Cipher - Photo courtesy of DJ Cipher

The re-issue from Lost Records is a good way to catch this Poetic Souls 12" at a very nice price... and if you want to grab the OG absolutely... well you'll have to break your Piggy Bank !

source http://hiphop-thegoldenera.blogspot.com/2021/10/poetic-souls-too-much-tv-31-flavors-1992.html

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