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 Kenny Buttons – “No Longer Welcome” will spark a fire in your heart

Artist and producer Kenny Buttons’ versatility is by far his greatest asset. He has the talent and soul to garner the massive audience he deserves. Even with an expansive and expensive sound, Kenny never sells out. He makes quality Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Reggae-infused sounds that stay true to his roots. Unlike his crossover contemporaries who most often sound like ‘singers who sometimes rap’, or ‘rappers who sometimes sing’, Kenny shifts between melodic singing and spitting bars effortlessly. You don’t get the complete picture of him with just one of those elements. He uses his singing and his rapping to complement each other perfectly. Another thing that sets Kenny Buttons apart from other hybrid singer-rappers is that he has soul-stirring power in his voice. Few in this same lane can pull off what he’s doing on his latest reggae-infused single, “No Longer Welcome”.


Hailing from the Bronx, NY, Kenny Buttons stormed onto the scene a little over four years ago, quickly raking in the accolades and attention, as an artist and a producer able to create hit records. In the process, he won a series of producer showcases and sparked interest amongst industry executives, and artists such as Swizz Beats, Obie Trice, Jim Jones, Fred The Godson, Nino Bless, Mass Appeal, Fashawn, and many more. Kenny’s evident maturity as a holistic artist who oversees his music’s every facet tempers his style. Kenny Buttons reminds listeners of what it means to craft a distinct musical identity. He sews together a sonic quilt that is an equal sum of its eclectic parts. The lushness of the production and the lyrical dynamism aid “No Longer Welcome” in reaching its full potential.

A smooth concoction of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Reggae, the song is as calming as it is jarring, while the vocal performance is somewhat abrasive, yet sweeter than honey. Equipped with sharp-tongued flows and resonant melodic hooks, it sometimes feels as if there are two Kenny Buttons’ on the same track at once. It doesn’t take long to realize that under all the rhythmic grooves and sounds, there are deep roots of anger and pain. Sometimes the best work is made out of the most difficult emotional times. “No Longer Welcome” only goes to show that you don’t need big and expensive studios to make a great record. Whilst a lot of artists around rely on cutting room edits to cover their flaws and make their music great, Kenny Buttons relied on his own ability and musical intuition to push himself to make this great piece of work, alongside co-writer John Leon.

Right from the start of “No Longer Welcome”, Kenny Buttons’ motives are clear – to make this solid piece of music even better with his ambitious rapping and singing. Kenny’s performance will spark a fire in your heart, especially if you can empathize with the narrative, speaking on dishonesty and betrayal. The instrumental aspects are also incredibly captured, with every keyboard chord, bass guitar note, and snare drum perfectly encapsulated. “No Longer Welcome” is an explosive song that portrays a fitting release for an artist whose career moves remain as expansive as it is flawless. Be sure to connect with Kenny Buttons on all social media and digital music platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

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