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Lucky Seven – “Lucky & the Laser Gun” (EP Review)

Lucky Seven is a 35 year old MC/producer from Buffalo, New York who I first started noticing after he laced what I personally believe is one of the mort underrated Conway the Machine singles ever: “Temple”. But he’s dropped a total 2 albums, a mixtape & 3 EPs since then before signing to Drumwork Music Group over the spring of this year. And now with only 8 dates left on the Love Will Get You Killed Tour, it’s only right for Lucky to prelude his upcoming debut on Con’s very own EMPIRE imprint with his 4th EP.

After the intro, the first song “Nuke Dropper” works in a blaring boom bap instrumental to tell his opposition to get the fuck out of his way whereas “You Gotta Make It” has a more uptempo vibe encouraging listeners to getting theirs. “Motorbike Music” takes a more luscious turn with Luck & Elcamino proclaiming themselves as rebels, but then Flee Lord tags along for the morbid “Orange Soda” talking about their young shooters.

Meanwhile on “Metal Arm Tesuo”, we have Luck & Jae Skeese wickedly bragging about their extraordinary skills leading into “Kaneda Loves Kei” soulfully pays tribute to his lady. The song “Snoopy’s Penthouse” smoothly details the lavish lifestyle while the penultimate track “Playgrounds” has a more grimier sound with the help of Stu Bangas & Elcamino returning to help shoutout those who’ve been there since the beginning. “Goodbye to Your Life” ends with some strings & lyrics about getting the millions if you follow him.

Coming away from Lucky & the Laser Gun, it’s definitely a solid precursor to Lasertron Arcade. I think the anime concept is well executed, I fuck with the wide range of emotions throughout it’s 24 minute run & how Lucky brought in some fresh faces behind the boards for him to showcase his penmanship to new listeners.

Score: 8/10




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