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G.T. (The Lyrical Snyper) - Mad Skillz - 1992

12" - 1992 - Central Funk Records 

That 12" was posted by my man Umberto Massimiliano Lampasona a long time ago, and to be honest I had never heard of this kat named Gene Tatum (G.T.) a.k.a G.T. the Lyrical Snyper a.k.a G.T. Tha 5-0 from Dallas, Texas at the time. To make a quick recap about his Bio, G.T. was born in Southwest Philly and raised in Fort Worth, TX. He began rapping at the age of 16 at house parties, backyards, school functions, and later talent shows. GT's constant grind started paying off ; he put out his first EP on tape in 1993 entitled "From the Streets" (released on CD in 1994), which caught the attention of Brad "Scarface" Jordan".

This 12" which came out on Central Funk Records in 1992 was a very good surprise because even if the track "It's Goin Down" produced by Jungle Style Productions on the G-Side isn't really my shit, the track "Mad Skillz" produced by Audio Assault Squad & G.T on the T-side is really dope and is the main reason why you should try to find this record.




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