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BmbJai - "No Lackin"

 Jairice King aka BmbJai (BoutmyBANKroll) is a rising artist from Youngstown Ohio but  moved to Mobile Alabama in 2018 and has been living there & traveling ever since he relocated to Atlanta GA. What makes his different as a person is unlike a lot of ppl that want to rap he that already has the image as well as the talent and the experience.

He's been rapping on and of for some time but now he's taking it seriously. He's ifferent because he already has the audience looking at him and tuned in to his every move on a daily basis. He's different as a artist bc he's already ahead of most. He has the fan base and social media following by himself and he's knowing it’s only gonna continue getting bigger and bigger.

Lastly he's different because he wants this more then anything that’s why he's turning his work ethic up a notch because he knows the life he wants to live and the life he wants to expose his family too. He wants them to be able to live comfortably with no worries He also feels he's different because he's having something to actually talk about substance in his lyrics and telling story’s and real life situations that everyone not just a few people can relate too. That’s how he's different as a person and a artist.


Via ATL Bangerz I #1 Atlanta Music Blog



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