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Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Parks, Ice & Ish (Episode 478) “Pour Into Me”

It’s been documented how much of a fan Joe is of Dave Chappelle and his work. The crew begins with a recap of his latest Netflix special, “The Closer” and discusses the backlash Dave received from critics (26:30). Joe also shares how much he enjoys Don Toliver’s new album (47:20), artists in New York not being as united as the south (58:10), 18 former NBA players being charged with fraud (1:18:05), is it hard being faithful when you have money (1:38:15) and Parks enjoyed Joe’s conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson ( 1:52:15) and MORE! Become a Patron of The Joe Budden Podcast for additional bonus episodes and visual content for all things JBP: Tap in here

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