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The Race of Babies Who Hate The Ladies

"And tha short answer as to why the babies hate the ladies is simply that women keep secrets."

We all, well, assuming most of us, have heard the 2pac lyrics "a race of babies that will hate the ladies, who make the babies." Charleston White went on a few podcasts trying to explain this sentiment. Well, I'm here to clarify why this is. Yes, why there is a generation of babies who hate the ladies.

Growing up in foster care, I had no idea of just how tough it is to survive in tha world. Adults would tell us all the time about how good we have it that we don't have to pay bills and concern ourselves with adulting matters. It never really sinks in until you're out on your own trying to find your way. Shout out to tha kids who took heed to that advice. 

I come from a broken home. A broken home full of secrets. And tha short answer as to why the babies hate the ladies is simply that women keep secrets. Now, it's not fair to say it's exclusively women who keep secrets but, in a society that has supplemented Men with tha likes of Uncle Sam, women are just not accountable to Men these days. The system, sure. But, not Men..

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I've always loved women! Always. But, as I grew older, the game became more and more competitive. But, we are not competing with just other Men for tha women we want. We are competing with the status quo. Meanwhile, women have been led to desire a very small percentage of Men who are in what I would call the 'upper echelon'. Listening to Kevin Samuels, we hear so much about women who want the best but have not qualified themselves for tha Men they want. It's so much about them that they don't even consider if they are who tha 'upper echelon' of Men want. And so, what happens? Men are left alone while most women run around enjoying tha single life. It has become an annoying sight to see so many women driving their cars alone. No Man, no child, no family. And while we say that women who are like this will end up alone with a dog, it is Men who have to suffer loneliness today. 

First off, what's wrong with average? What's wrong with being average? This is tha same notion that has local artists not taking pride in being from their town. Not understanding tha value in what makes them unique. What's wrong with tha guy who drives a 15 year old Honda who has a job and keeps himself groomed? He may not have a Mercedes Benz with a hideaway loft somewhere but he has good character. What's wrong with tha blue collar guy that can and will still provide her with tha touch of a Man women desire? I guess one could argue that it's tha very nature of capitalism, you know, to evolve at tha expense of others. To forget about tha local music scene once you go global. There are so many quality guys that stay single because Uncle Sam has "appropriated" a way for women to be. Why would she need a Man if she can just go and get a job? I said it before and I'll say it again. A woman's "accolades" mean nothing to me. Absolutely nothing. But, are you wife material, tho? That's what matters to a Man. 

Now, without going too far off in tha deep end, let's get back to tha lecture at hand. In my experience, I've come to learn that women who don't want to be accountable for their mistakes are people who keep secrets. Secrets that affect others around them. For example, my mother wasn't going to tell me that my Father was a trick. But, when I tried to piece tha puzzle together myself, I discovered that there is key information missing in my investigation that only my mom and her sisters would know. And they've all kept silent about this matter concerning my young life to this day. These are secrets that affect my life and my identity. Issues I still have to live thru even though they are still not forthcoming with any useful information. These secrets represent mistakes they don't want to be responsible for. Ok, well if you're not going to be responsible for them, who is? Your children!? Seriously? 

Do I hate women? Absolutely not! Do I think they can be irresponsible, sure. The race of babies who hates tha ladies is a result of women simply NOT choosing to be with Men. Every time I try a chick out, she's usually tha reason we don't work out. Because SHE calls it quits. Why does she call it quits? Because society has given her options outside of tha family. Society has caused her to believe she has a purpose outside of building a family with a Man. And like my mom abandoned me at birth, these women abandon Men. And so, our society has made us enemies of each other. Society has us thinking we don't need each other, why, because we have our own "money". 

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It's interesting, tho. For every problem a person has in society, they are encouraged to pay tha white man. Oh, you need therapy? Pay tha white man. Getting therapy is a way of paying tha white man since all work is taxed in this country we call tha United States of America. Uncle Sam has done such a good job at disconnecting us. So much so that we go to him for every single solution. Tha only solution is to pay tha white man. And with so many Black Women weaving their hair, it's all too apparent to tha "woke" that they want to be like white people. Even if they aren't consciously aware of it. Even with this covid nonsense, they are telling us to be afraid instead of promoting healthier lifestyles. Pharmacies don't even sell fruits and vegetables, now let that sink in. 

Tha one thing we don't talk about is how women keep secrets and tha impact it has on her immediate community. It's selfish. This race of babies we speak of has a right to feel tha way they feel when their birthrights have been auctioned off long before they got here. I told my big brother that I'm suffering from identity issues over not knowing my Father. We only share tha same mom. And after telling him this shortly after a death in our family, he called me a narcissist I guess for trying to make this about me. But tha reality is, I was angry over tha lack of love and honor in my family. They have no love to give, and even less to receive. And as much as it hurts to say these things, it's my Truth. But, on a brighter note, it is something that can be fixed. And it starts with accountability. It starts with learning to understand that we all make mistakes. If we can't face ourselves then what does that mean for tha greater community? There is something to be said about having a lack of accountability. It brings into question one's conviction. Little do they know, their honor and integrity is constantly at stake. It reminds me of when I was locked up as a juvenile at CMYC in Lancaster. There was a cat who was from a gang who had a bed right across from mine. One day, we made a deal that if I complete his school workbook, he would give me his snack that night. AND, he put it on his hood, too! Well, sure enough, I finish tha workbook and snack time comes as he eats it right in front of my face. Blowing up his hood in tha process. And see, that's when I realized that people have no problem lying. They have no problem throwing someone under a bus to keep from being... accountable. And lying leads to dishonorable behavior. Fortunately for me, I love paperwork lol. And, we already knew his character in tha dorm so instead of it coming as a surprise to me, all it did was reinforce tha notion of who he really was.

For tha record, let me just say that I do not hate tha ladies. I have to clarify that because we live amongst so many people in tha community who are committed to misunderstanding. But, I feel there is much to be said about women's role and performance in tha american family. Is it shallow to believe that all women are tha same if all I see is them walking away from Men? Tha very fact that I, and countless others, don't have an idea of who their Father is stands as proof that Men have been under attack. I mean, look what they did to Jesus for crying out loud! A Man. Tha story of Adam and Eve. I can go on and on making examples. 

And perhaps it's not just women's fault! There are Men out there who see nothing wrong with polygamy and tha mass planting of seeds across tha soil. Only when those children don't get to experience being raised by their Father does it become a sad situation. In my opinion, it all stems from irresponsibility. We think and talk about having children all tha time. How it fits in our current schedules and lifestyles. But, how many of us actually seek a purpose for having children? How many of us build tha best versions of ourselves so that we can birth and raise valuable generations? When we think about having kids, it's always about us and not tha actual life we are bringing in tha world. 

At this point in my life, how could I bring a new life into this world while being unprepared? What do I have to teach him or her? What plan do I have for their lives that will set them on tha track for fulfillment? Most people just go with tha flow, subsequently leading to problems we don't want to be held responsible for. And so, you end up raising babies who hate tha ladies that won't tell them tha Truth about their Father. These babies end up in solitude. To be a single mother is an honorable thing when she is a widow. But, giving single mothers credit who sabotaged, in one way or another, her relationship with tha child's Father is not an honorable thing. In my case, my mother claims to have 'told my dad' that he can walk out of MY life. Only to turn around and let foster care take me away for my entire childhood. Now, in all honesty, foster care wasn't that bad for me other than being subject to taking psychotropic meds for one reason or another. I get older and start to wonder why couldn't I have just went to live with my Father as oppose to going into foster care? And instead of my mother taking responsibility and possibly giving me tha information I need, she would rather cast tha blame on him. The problem with that is he isn't here to defend his honor. But, she is. And I can't put him on tha stand until I first know and understand who he is or where he's at. 

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To learn that there are people and entities in this country that know more about you than you do is quite frightening. It contributes to tha overall perspective we adopt on society. It's like tha homelessness issue across tha country. Politicians constantly try to make it seem like tha problem is tha people who don't want to come out of homelessness. But, tha fact of tha matter is that federal policies make it this way and have continued to allow it to be this way thru all tha mainstream attention these issues have received. That's a statement. If there was ever a reason to tax tha rich, it ought to be for a housing credit that defeats homelessness. And if for nothing else, tha tax is a token of protecting their investment in American society. So, that people don't have to find shelter under tha skyscraper downtown. So tha civilians and workers alike going in and out of tha courthouse don't have to feel threatened by tha presence of those they rendered that way. 

As you can see, lack of accountability runs deep in tha world. Tha very government we pay taxes to literally levies itself against it's own citizens. But, tha fact of tha matter is that there are people behind this government that are pulling those strings. It is actual people under tha guise of an institution that is obstructing tha quality of life. And according to them, it's in their best interest that families do not

thrive. Strong families represent independence. And independence led them to their positions of power that they'll never surrender without bloodshed. Understanding that our government has this against us is a further reason why we should return to Christ. To take accountability for our actions and let it destroy our former selves. Our former selves who were liars and thieves. Our former selves who were violaters of tha law. And all it requires is a surrendering of tha Heart. To return to Jesus Christ does not mean there is something we have to accomplish, but more of what we must give up. 

This race of babies grow to hate tha ladies because women have been used to distort their families. These babies grow into damaged kids that eventually turn into angry adults. Adults who have to trek thru life unloved and neglected because society says women should focus on themselves. All this can be fixed with a simple hug and words of encouragement. And to realize what is most important in tha world...God and each other. 



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