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How To Use Hip Hop Correctly In Music Lessons? Hip Hop Artists With Their Own Style

Re-engage with students via modern music and popular hip-hop artists today – it’s not all about classical music!

What springs to mind when you think of music lessons? Many people would see visions of a music teacher trying to share with the class the virtues of classical artists like Mozart and Beethoven. Or perhaps it may involve learning simple chords on orchestral instruments? 

Whatever the vision, it isn’t particularly inspiring, or on trend with today’s modern world! This is often where music lessons suffer – they aren’t in tune with the modern world. One way this can be rectified is by introducing modern musical genres like hip-hop into lessons. We look at this below, and the problem with modern music lessons.

The Problem With Music Lessons Today – A Lack Of Relevance

There is no denying that learning from classical musicians is incredibly important. Legends like Chopin and Tchaikovsky have produced some of the most beautiful music you will ever here. Indeed, you can find many iconic hip-hop tracks that sample classical music! For example, Coolio’s hit “C U When U Get There” features a sample from Pachelbel’s Canon – one of the best-known classical wedding songs!

However, for young students, classical music education just isn’t that interesting. It isn’t relevant to their lives. Students have a lot to think about, like finding cheap dissertation writers for hire, completing essays asking questions like, “can someone write my dissertation please?”, their friends, and having fun. Classical compositions usually aren’t on their radar.

As a result, traditional lessons taught at schools can be highly boring. The students may often struggle to become invested or care about what they are being taught. Classical music, or even compositions from different eras simply isn’t relevant!

The Solution – Incorporate Modern Music Like Hip-Hop Into The Lessons

So, what do you do? How do you capture the imagination of young students? How can you inspire them and pique their interest in this subject? The answer is simple – use modern music that students can relate to. 

Hip-hop is one of the most relatable types of music as you can find many musicians with their own style of hip-hop . The lyrical content of hip-hop songs is often based on real-life experiences, or situations that students can emphasize with. Also, the underlying beats and instrumentals of hip-hop are much more complex than you would expect. As a result, you can use hip-hop in music lessons and utilize hip-hop music of the present for the new generation to benefit from.

 Discuss Popular Hip—Hop Artists And Their Music 

Instead of discussing dead classical musicians at school, why not discuss hip-hope music for everyone, and current hip-hop artists instead? You could dedicate different lessons to different modern artists like Drake, Travis Scott, Migos, or Kendrick Lamar, for example.

This could include a look at their lyrical style and the different elements they use to create interesting rhymes that also flow. Alternatively, you could discuss particularly successful tracks they have had, and what made them iconic from a musical viewpoint. 

To engage students further, you could create polls that the students could vote on. They could vote for the next hip-hop artists that they want to dissect in the next lesson, for example. 

Break-Down Popular Hip-Hop Tracks And Their Musical Components 

While popular hip-hop artists provide great inspiration for lessons, so does their art. It can be tempting to simply spend time discussing hip-hop artists. However, there must always be an underlying musical theme so that students can learn too. 

A great way to do this is to analyse popular hip-hop tracks. Not from a lyrical point of view – but from the underlying instruments and composition. There are so many iconic hip-hop tracks that contain elements of classical music or use different instruments to great effect. For example, the intro to 2Pac – Changes relies heavily on piano chords. Alternatively, many of Dr. Dre’s productions include an iconic use of piano strings to create hard beats – Still Dre is a prime example.

This uses hip-hop in a brilliant way that will engage students. The student gets to listen to some cool hip-hop songs that is relevant to them. At the same time, they can also learn about the fundamentals of music including composition, use of different instruments, and how to create lyrics that flow.

Revive Your Music Lessons And Engage With Students

A music learning course doesn’t have to be a drag for students! You simply have to engage with them and use musical elements that are relevant to them. Think outside the box and think what research topics they would find interesting. You can then strike a balance between having fun, whilst still learning the importance of basic musical elements like chords, flow, timing, and pace.

Using hip-hop is a great way to do this! Hip-hop remains a popular musical genre with the younger generation. As a result, incorporating elements of hip-hop into your lessons will pique their interest. Also, it allows them to learn music from a perspective that is relevant to them; as opposed to simply learning about classic music for hours on end!



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