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Noa James, FrankieOG, & NugLife Presents “Highly Classified” EP

Noa James, FrankieOG & NugLife presents “Highly Classified” EP, a collaborative project immersed in street tales from rags to riches, displayed on a colorful palette of aquatic jazz & soul samples. Taking listeners on a trip into the world of the uprising musicians’ stories on their mission to the top, in an opposing environment & industry full of sharks, where one must move swiftly, and maintain a balance of love & light as the plot thickens.

Produced by NugLife, the entire instrumental selection gives listeners the essence of a tropical “007” or psychedelic “mafioso” movie score, accompanied with lyrics of life lessons from the OrcaMane (Noa James) & ruthless wordplay displayed by the unforgiving underdog FrankieOG.

This 4 song EP plays out to a total of  “11 minutes” packed with digital dope, track for track, bar for bar, showing the artistry in every detail & musical decision. Not to mention the illustrious album cover by NFT legend “A. Sims” who has paved his way stylistically since 2020 cover art releases with NugLife, such as “Long Flights”, “No New Friends” & “Good Pack”.

The project is now available on all platforms of your choice for download and streaming. Stay tuned with the artists as we proceed on our musical mission.




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