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Dark-Lo And V Don Spark Off Second Album Together With The Hard As Nails Single “Clean Run”

Before heading to prison on witness intimidation and federal conspiracy charges, Dark-Lo is giving fans his second album of 2021. After serving up a hearty offering with beat Beethoven, Harry Fraud, most would expect the Philly staple to just take a breather. But, no, he’s right back at ’em with a top shelf project titled “Charlie Pope” that’s fully produced by early collaborator V Don. The duo dropped their first LP “Timeless” in 2018 and have been planning a follow-up ever since.

The lead single from this highly-anticipated affair is the hardbody “Clean Run.” V provides sparse drums and piano plinks for Lo to get vicious on. His trademark gravelly flow is perfect to deliver his authentic street stories.

source https://undergroundhiphopblog.com/singles/dark-lo-and-v-don-spark-off-second-album-together-with-the-hard-as-nails-single-clean-run/