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Dakota Bear Premiere’s Powerful Visual For “Setbacks”

Saskatoon-born, Vancouver-based Indigenous hip-hop artist and activist Dakota Bear releases new visuals for his single “Setbacks”, produced by BeatsCraze. Dakota Bear is helping to lead the charge in raising awareness of the injustices and genocide carried out against Indigenous people across the continent of “North America”. 

One of the early and leading voices in the #CancelCanadaDay movement – it is no small feat that, today, 80+ cities have joined in cancelling Canada Day celebrations. This reality is an indicator that the conversation around Canada’s creation/colonization was only possible through the Genocide of the original inhabitants of Turtle Island is finally breaking into mainstream consciousness. 

A polymath, Dakota Bear works across mediums to harness creativity as a tool for Indigenous empowerment as well as awareness, education, and fundraising for important causes and movements. Further to that end, Dakota Bear and his partner Casey Desjarlais are proud to announce that their popular clothing brand, “Decolonial Clothing”, has just won a competition hosted by Dragon’s Den Michele Romanow for exciting start-ups!

Learn more about Decolonial Clothing here. 

source https://undergroundhiphopblog.com/news/dakota-bear-premieres-powerful-visual-for-setbacks/


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