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I-K-E – “Yo Soy Un Rey” (Video)

I-K-E stands for Inspiring Kings Everywhere. As a Mexican-American Hip Hop artist, I-K-E is used to being underestimated, and has worked tirelessly at his craft as both an MC and producer to exceed all expectations. He marries a variety of Hip Hop and musical influences, always emphasizing hard drums, soulful melodies, catchy hooks, and top-tier lyricism.

His new self-produced single “Yo Soy Un Rey” is the first single off his upcoming album. It’s a song of affirmation for Latinos and others who have faced oppression and discrimination in America, reminding them of their resilience and rich heritage. His verses touch on everything from ICE to educational inequities, and a third verse, complimented by a beat switch, explains some of the motivation behind creating this song and album.

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