How A Tulsa, Oklahoman Impacted A Nation Thru Music

"let Charlie Wilson be a testament to tha great talent that lives and comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma." -Mistah Wilson

I was 15 years old. Getting dressed for school. BET Start and 106 & Park aired "Signs" by Snoop Dogg featuring Charlie Wilson and Justin Timberlake. Me being so young at tha time, it wasn't my favorite song by Snoop. Furthermore, I'm afraid to say, I didn't even know who Charlie Wilson was. Justin Timberlake sure, but Wilson, he was someone that, as far as I could see, appeared to have been an experienced musician. Also being a fan of Snoop Dogg, I knew there had to be something special about who Charlie Wilson was if Snoop not only had him on a song but a single with a music video as well. Even still, it wasn't brought to my attention that Charlie Wilson was a member of tha Gap Band. I went years not knowing that even after hearing his feature on Snoop Dogg's album "Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece" back in 2004. But, eventually, I found out. And believe me, it wasn't tha first and won't be tha last time I discover a talent I should have already known about. I was born in 1990, cut me some slack, aight.

Charlie Wilson, born in The Sooner State, is much more than just a musical genius. Boasting a successful career both as a solo artist and in a band, Charlie Wilson's impact stretches far beyond the Arkansas River. I checked out his biography and felt it would be worth mentioning how his stature as a musician has led him to affect culture in cities throughout the United States of America. ThaWilsonBlock is a platform committed to local arts so I thought this would be a good example of how musicians can use their ambition to accomplish more than they ever imagined. In this article, I'm going to take tha liberty of mentioning a few achievements I think are kind of cool so that it may show tha results of a musician's prowess.

Tha 13-time Grammy-nominated artist has keys to like, 3 different cities plus his own holiday in 3 cities and a county in Pennsylvania. He's received official proclamations from major towns like New York, Buffalo, and Cincinnati and also certificates from tha likes of the U.S Military, The Prostate Cancer Foundation, Indiana Black Expo, American Society of Young Musicians, and many others. I think it should be noted, at least for tha record, that tha Key of Tulsa, Oklahoma was Charlie Wilson AND the Gap Band, not just him as a solo musician. 

Charlie Wilson, as a solo artist, has still accomplished much! In 2002, he received an Honorary Master of Fine Arts Degree from tha Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Acting Through Langston University. The County of Los Angeles has even commended him for being an honoree of The 20th Annual Pre-Grammy Party, whatever that's worth. In April 2009, The Prostate Cancer Foundation created The Charlie Wilson Creativity Award that has since already been granted to at least 3 scholars. Later that year in November, Charlie received tha Making A Difference Health Award from 100 Black Men Greater: Buffalo Chapter. 

I just want to note that most of these accomplishments stem from tha greatness he's put into his music. It was tha impact CW made in music that stimulated his noteworthiness amongst cities, states, and organizations around tha country. Thankfully, Wilson is still here with us. But, we shouldn't wait til our greats are gone to learn and appreciate what they've given to tha game. Also, to kinda tie everything together with tha motive of this article, let Charlie Wilson be a testament to tha great talent that lives and comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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