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Misfit Soto – “No Subliminal” (Album Review)

L.A’s very own Mexican-American triple threat, Misfit Soto, is back with another dope body of work titled “No Subliminal”. Misfit is not only a rapper, but a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist too; it shows! This is an 8 track, West Coast project featuring Baby Bounce, Baldacci, Lido P, Player from the West & Diamond Dez. Let’s get into this!

“No Subliminal” is the introductory track and the namesake of the entire album. This is a dope way to kick us off. The production is clean with the slick, yet simple, guitar lock. Carried by the heavy 808 and some drums that you can’t help but bop your head to. Misfit, shows off his gifts on this one as he plays with words, flows and delivery to bring us a hard hitting introduction. We ready!

“Ten4” is a vibe and if you can’t bounce to this then you can’t be trusted. Melodies, heavy kicks, 808s, claps and a crazy catchy hook. Misfit and Player from the West both deliver dope verses with some flawless flows and clever wordplay. There are levels to this lyricism and both artist should be proud of this.

“Fake Love” is a big stand out! This was such a fresh flow and Misfit should be mad proud. Riding the beat like a true vet and storytelling like an acclaimed author. This is the kind of hook that only a songwriter can create. Misfit is a creative and you can hear it. The production was true to the West Coast sound. Clean melody and heavy 808s!

Misfit has brought us some hits in the past like “Paint” in 2020. I think it’s safe to say that he keeps up the trend with this album.  His Spotify bio tells us that he is driven to put Mexican-Americans on the map. With years in the game, we think he’s definitely earning his stripes and working his way to hearing “mission accomplished”. Go follow him on Instagram: @misfit_soto_skm

Score: 8/10

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