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Dissown – “Going the Diztence“ (Album Review)

Dissown is a rising underground rapper from Raleigh, NC and I recently got the chance to listen to his latest album, “Going the Diztence”. This latest instalment to his discography is 14 tracks long and features VR$E and RDP. Let’s talk about this body of work.

“Further Than Before” is a vibe, featuring a dope verse from VR$E. The production on this is super clean with the sliding bass and slick guitar licks. Both rappers show off their wordsmith abilities as they deliver uplifting verses about pushing to go further and be better. Good job boys.

“Nothing” is a stand out. Technical rhyme schemes and fresh flows from start to finish. Admittedly, he occasionally and very slightly sounds like he might fall off beat. But he catches himself every time which becomes a kind of stylistic delivery technique for him. The production on this also deserves a mention, menacing and heavy!

“All in My Head” is a track with a nicely composed soundscape. The vocal runs, the constant melodic keys, the bass and the live drums. *insert fire emoji*! Dissown puts on a decent performance, riding the beat with a quick flow as he plays with different rhyme schemes about overcoming doubts in your head before the hook comes in and brings everything together in a great way.

This is a cool album overall. Before I conclude, I do have to give an honorary mention to “Seconds of Inspiration”. This was a dope track! Dissown gives me Mike Shinoda vibes mixed with a small dose of a young Eminem. The album was a tad long for me, but still a well put together body of work. Definitely worth a listen. Go follow him on Instagram: @tharealdissown

Score: 7/10

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