Q&A: Hip Hop Artist Seven Da Pantha breaks down his Latest EP K4G 1.5 w/ Mistah Wilson

Seven Da Pantha, an emcee at heart, has been as persistent as anyone in tha field of recording & performing music. With his recent release of K4G 1.5, we caught up wit' Seven to discuss tha
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inspiration behind this effort. Seven Da Pantha is already sending a message by way of him being tha only lyricist on tha project. I appreciate tha fact that I don't hear anyone else in his music. When I listen to Seven Da Pantha songs, it reminds of me Seven Da Pantha and no one else.

Representing Tacoma, WA, Seven Da Pantha is serious when it comes to music. From songs dating all tha way back to 2004, and possibly earlier, it comes as no surprise that this artist has dedicated himself to a journey of expression that one can only experience by tuning in. You know, these days, when we talk about wack rappers and who's actually worth listening to, Seven Da Pantha stands out as a reputable in tha Hip Hop community. He's an artist I'm thankful for and a much-needed voice in this era of music.

I sought this Q&A session w/ Seven Da Pantha in acknowledgement for tha love he has for his craft. His aura projects a commanding respect for tha game and since you can't deny his versatility, Da Pantha is en route to pioneering his own unique sound. Personally, I've experienced tha energy Seven brings to tha stage. He knows how to incorporate critical thought into club-ready material. He electrifies tha room with a resonating presence. Couple that with tha swag and you got an emcee that's gon mean trouble for a lot of artists.

Seven Da Pantha has done his part in showing love to me and ThaWilsonBlock by having me on All City Sounds at Hollow Earth radio as a Co-Host with Gerald "ReaLife" Beamon in Seattle's Central District. We recorded an exclusive phone interview with Seven about a year or so ago. But, even though it was a great interview, tha audio file was corrupted. So, we gon' make this one count for Seven Da Pantha!

If you support tha local arts, I'd like to recommend K4G 1.5 for your collection. Enjoy our Q&A session and take 20 minutes out cha day to get a bar of some real, raw rap. If you rockin' wit it, go ahead and buy it. Big shout out to tha Pacific Northwest, tho!

""6am" is the perfect storm of Honey Jack, Green Crack, and depressing early morning thoughts. I went through a really rough stretch and found myself up at 6 in the morning getting wasted before time to go to work." @SevenDaPantha

Mistah Wilson: Seven Da Pantha! What's good, fam! You know we here to check-in real quick on that K4G 1 and a half times! I noticed you got some covid bars in there. What's tha aim with this project?
Seven Da Pantha: Yea man, I didn't want to overdo it with the Corona references, but you definitely want to include tidbits to give the people a feeling for the time the music was made. The main aim was really just to speak my truth and share a little bit of me with the people who have been along for the ride.

Mistah Wilson: What is tha meaning behind K4G 1.5?
Seven Da Pantha: K4G is short for Kwest 4 Greatness, the original LP Kwest and I dropped in 2015. I titled it 1.5 because of the brevity, as the original was 15 tracks. The full-length follow-up Kwest 4 Greatness 2 is in the works.

Mistah Wilson: Now, how old was tha young grad in tha album cover?
Seven Da Pantha: Ha!! I was 5 years old in that picture man. The photo was from my graduation from Head Start.

Mistah Wilson: In tha intro song, you mentioned "I don't make trap music, and I don't mumble, neither". Can you elaborate for tha cats in tha back?
Seven Da Pantha: No doubt! Essentially I was saying that even though we may include elements of trap music the content makes it a whole different thing. No disrespect to those who flourish in those genres, but I see a deeper purpose for the music.

Mistah Wilson"Believe" is one of them songs you be looking for from your favorite rappers, na mean? How did you come together w/ Kwest to produce this EP?
Seven Da Pantha: Kwest is actually a part of my crew Soundchamba Productions. We've been making music together since around 2010. We decided to link up for the original Kwest 4 Greatness in 2015, we realized the chemistry we had was pretty potent. So going back in for the re-up was a no-brainer. "Believe" is, at it's very core, a mission statement of sorts, in addition to being a question for the listeners. i state a lot about what my goals for domination are, but at the same time, imploring the listeners to have faith in the process.

Mistah Wilson: Your cut "Demons" is a reflection of one's own thoughts and how we converse with our conscious. What led you to cover such a concept on a song?
Seven Da Pantha: Bro, real talk, "Demonz" is probably one of the realest songs I've ever written. I just decided that, instead of doing what most rappers do and pretending things are all good, I would shine some light on the issues I deal with daily. No rich nigga fantasies or delusions of grandeur; just me cracking the door a bit to what my everyday reality is.

Mistah Wilson: "6am" really has that vintage East Coast rap sound. What message are you trying to convey on this one?
Seven Da Pantha: "6am" is the perfect storm of Honey Jack, Green Crack, and depressing early morning thoughts. I went through a really rough stretch and found myself up at 6 in the morning getting wasted before time to go to work. The lyrics to that song are the random thoughts racing through my mind on those occasions.

Mistah Wilson"All Night" got that Whispers touch in there. Appreciate you keeping soulful. What's tha meaning behind this one?
Seven Da Pantha"All Night" is a glimpse at a different side of Seven Da Pantha. The song was inspired by a very special young lady who shall remain nameless. Sometimes you have to step
outside of the norm. I wanted to give people an idea of how my mind ticks in relation to the fairer sex when I'm in "get it" mode...lol

Mistah Wilson: What's your personal favorite song off this EP and why?
Seven Da Pantha: My personal fave? It would have to be "See Me In It". I love that song because it's a great balance between style and lyricism. And the hook...I can't stop singing it!

Mistah Wilson: Where can people find and follow you online?
Seven Da Pantha: FB: Seven Da Pantha
IG: @sevendapantha253
Tw: @sevdapantha
YouTube: Seven Da Pantha
Also follow me on whatever DSP you use to stream music.

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