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Bones & Boopie to drop PANDEMIC album in light of Covid-19

Mannnn, listen, bro. If you ain't heard of Bones from Pasadena, CA yet, then I just don't know what to tell you. Having had tha privilege of working with tha young emcee roughly a decade ago, Bones is a rapper who constantly raises tha bar. Since about 2012, Bones has been collaborating with artists like DL from Bellevue, WA, Marat Milano, and LIFESTYLE. Speaking of LIFESTYLE, a prime member of tha group "Boopie" is doing a collab album with Bones. And word on tha net is that it's gonna drop just in time for Summer 2020.

LIFESTYLE and Bones did a song back in tha day called "Bust Back" and it's honestly one of my favorite songs featuring Bones. The dynamic was just there. After taking some time away from tha local music scene for schooling and such, Bones is picking tha mic back up. Bones & Boopie from LIFESTYLE is working on a 5-song EP for tha West Coast Hip Hop genre. Their first single "Neva Eva" can be heard below and is a lyrical massacre.

Bones has a few mixtapes under his belt. Starting with The Rose Family, Bones has dropped his own solo mixtapes from Raw Material (2008), Buried In Your Closet (2009), and West 2 Def (2010). Skipping over Too Def, a West 2 Def follow-up, to collaborate with DL from Bellevue on West Conference All-Stars mixtape project.

Boopie dropped an album in 2017 called "Westside" that featured Bones as well. Boopie's sound is complimentary to tha West Coast sound we know and love. The right amount of funk with some hard hitting lyrics and smooth delivery.

I'm not saying that this new upcoming collab project between Bones and Boopie was caused by tha recent coronavirus outbreak, but for these cats to call tha project "PANDEMIC" at a time like this is only hinting at tha possible cause of lyrical annhiliation.

We'll let you know when tha project drops. Until then, you can catch up with a lot of Bones music on YouTube and Boopie across all streaming platforms.



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