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Looking At The World In Real Time By Jhantu Randall

I sit driving my car as I casually hear about rumors of war
Over the top theatrics that i just cant ignore
Rhetoric amplifies what's in store

A mighty bluff backed up by the almighty dollar
Selling our souls and confusing it with honor 
Silence in the moves allows me to see the drama
It's a mystery provoked by those that love to hear themselves holler

So I just stay on the go, Me is the only thing I 
can control
So I live like theres no tomorrow
I hear shaky voices of uncertainty broadcasts from oceans away 

I struggle to make money but could I survive living their day?
I often wonder as I read about a decimation of people conveyed as a blunder
Are they even seen as human beings?

Guess heaven really does lye at the feet of your mother
Separated at birth guess I pine for love like no other
Feeling connected to those souls, the friction takes its toll driven with the force of an 
internal thunder

Be damned if I allow my hands to put my life under the spell of another
Especially slick ones who speak with forked tongues and present themselves as 
your "brother"

Be aware they control the ones operating out of fear 
But this is personal cause the face of their enemy lives with me, I see that same face every time I look in the mirror


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