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“Regal Club” Self Titled (Album Review)

St Louis Hip-Hop Duo The Regal Club releases a new project “Self Titled” the 808s in this album are heavy giving it a heard hitting melodic feel , The styles are midwest and distinct as you can feel the duo bouncing energy from bar to bar. Depending on which song you listen to as they switch lyrical concepts to cover a wide rang of aspects.

What makes this group adaptable is that they have their own styles that will continue to grow as they master their songwriting structures I think this is a okay project that can be enhanced with visual perception in videos, 10 tracks down the middle all with varies vibes. “Already” was the introduction to the tape which was so so in its nature with a bouncy hook to top it off. I like the hook as it hits even harder in speakers.

“Flow” was truly catchy I liked the use of every inch of the beat even the chimes, the rhyme schemes are ever changing and the use of the deep voices works right In place. “Tomorrow” was one of those songs that grow on you I love the production very dreamy and reflective setting up the struggle bars with an overall evolving overtones. Hats off to the engineer as the mix is smooth and works well with the duos voices.

“Soul Food” was conceptual aligned as I can see the double date happening with differ perspectives. As the song goes along you see mentions of a spiritual presence and the other is a under world angle. The duality of the voices allow the listener to get a Gemini effect. “Spooky” which is also the lead single on the album starts with a very sonic Irrie  approach which evolves as the song advances I can see this having success in the college networks and parties, the visual vividly shows a crazy project x type party.

“Money Showers” was an eccentric urban jam I especially like the production behind the track as it carries itself effortlessly.The Hook is catchy along with the bars with this record even notables and quotable. This might be my  favorite track on the album as it all unfolds.”Turn Over” is a club record with an interesting appeal to it as at the production is melodic and smooth.

“After Hours” is another club record with a irregular sound , I am now inner standing their brand as the album sound advances. St Louis stand up as this duo is here to stay I can’t wait to see what manifest from this squad. “Next Up” is the outro to the album as it serves perfectly as it talks about the come up and his mind state that allowed the growth to happen. The hook is about getting on the path to transmutation they call it in alchemy, For more music, news & updates follow The Regal Club on social media and listen to the project directly on Spotify

Rating: 7



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