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Kirill & Jaco – “Hublot” (Video)

Russia-meets-Cameroon in a trendy trap ensemble as an international hybrid duo, known as, Kirill and Jaco. Ready to crossover to U.S. superstardom, Kirill and Jaco present to a newfound fanbase a catchy new single, expensively-titled, “Hublot“.
Shot in Toronto, the new visual is an erotic and raw presentation as the duo delivers a series of attention-grabbing verses about exquisite taste. Starring popular model Mary Elizabeth, Kirill and Jaco is exciting, hypnotizing and quotable in their latest feature. Elizabeth may steal the show but the new duo delivers a hit that gets there point across.
Stream it now, for more on Kirill and Jaco, you may follow the two on Instagram and Twitter.
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