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Kaze Jones – “Kaze EP”

SoCal hip hop artist Kaze Jones is fresh off the release of his debut album, “Inside Out”, and back with his new project , the “Kaze EP“.  Produced once again by West Coast veteran Ariano, the Kaze EP showcases the many sides of Kaze Jones.  His MC skills are on full display on tracks like “Step Back,” which channels a traditional 90’s throw-your-hands-in-air party vibe, and “Pink Panther,” a 70’s funk-inspired banger with double-time raps.

The Kaze EP also gets intensely personal with tracks like “Ready,” where Kaze professes his desire to become a father, and on “Live Your Life,” a slowed down joint that talks of overwhelming personal tragedies and overcoming the odds. “Let It Go” holds its own lane on the Kaze EP, confronting the fallacy of the life-is-perfect façade that so many people carry into the world every day. The Kaze EP  is a window into who Kaze Jones is as an artist and a human…listen now.



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