B-Side – “B-Side Wins Again” (Mixtape Review)

B-Side is an underground veteran from Detroit, Michigan known for being 1/2 of the duo Sidenotes. Last time we heard from him in a full capacity was his Vertigo 1.5 mixtape in 2013 but after a long hiatus, he’s following it up with a new compilation.

The opener “Righteous Anger” finds B-Side venting about being a best kept secret over a soulful boom bap beat from Foul Mouth & then the next song “We Don’t Fight Fair” is a lethal Sidenotes reunion. The track “Dangerous” with A.R.E.S. talks about being just that over a clunky instrumental while the song “Guillotine” showcases his sharp lyricism backed with a slick boom bap beat.

“The Funk” with Alius Pnukkl & Konphlict sees the 3 charismatically talking about how hot they are on the mic over an instrumental that suits the title while the next cut is a solid freestyle over Nolan the Ninja‘s “Harvest”. The track “Don’t Say Shit” with Smoke the Motor City Menace sees the 2 talking about bums over a funky beat while “The Whole Crew” talks about knocking out his opponents over an instrumental with a vintage sample.

The track “Greyscale” with Faze Blue Le’Goon, Leif Erikson & Philosophy Cole is a deadly collection of witty bars over a jazzy instrumental while the song “Funk Worm” finds A.R.E.S. forming with Sidenotes like Voltron over a trunk-knocking instrumental from DJ Los. The track “Smash” flexes his prowess over a vibrant instrumental while the song “Burial” with Aztek the Barfly, Dadga & Foul Mouth sees the 4 talking about ending their competition over a gloomy beat. The album then finishes off with a dope remix of “The Vices”, which was my personal favorite song off The Vertigo 1.5.

This was a dope collection of tracks. The production is on point, B-Side sounds refreshed on the mic & the features add a lot into the equation. Really looking forward to his debut album The Essence at some point in the future.

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