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Asshole In Gold – Its Asshole (LP)

Relying on his magnetic energy and pimp-talk storytelling with previously released tracks, “Brittany,” “Beautiful Is Love” and “Chilli & Daiboo,” it’s only a matter of time before uncommon Houston rapper Asshole In Gold blows up. Today, for the new legion of fans, he unveils his anticipated new album, properly-titled, It’s Asshole. A bold introduction piece, Asshole In Gold tells us all about his journey from Houston to the world.

The seven-track project is raw untapped potential. The new Houston sensation has a limitless source of execution on the collective as he exceeds expectations throughout with thought-provoking storytelling and playboy mentality. He is aggressive, humorous obnoxious throughout; however, always the same outrageously entertaining star that fans have come to love today. The streets are calling the project, “refreshing, salivating and necessary.”

The new album arrives with the release of his new visual for the album cut, “Betty.” Directed by Stack Moses, Gold and crew hit up the Northside Houston’s Pine Village to show us the skills and what the future lies for the breakout star. Produced by Texaz Tee, watch “Betty” now.

Based on the backstory, Asshole In Gold has built popularity with consistency, quality and undeniable style. Its the persona that has earned the rising star notoriety on established publications like The Source and Respect Magazine. The new project energizes the new star’s viral buzz on Twitter and Instagram.

Along with “Betty,” the album also includes new hits “Wheels on the Bus” and “Register to Carry.” Also featuring guest appearances by Chunky Trill and fellow LegnaConnekGroup artist Jui$e Leroy, It’s Asshole is available to stream everywhere via LegnaConnekGroup/FangGang Records.

Stream the new album now on Spotify.



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