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New Jersey Chase Fetti On Dream Collab, Freestyling & Top 5

Chase Fetti is a promising new artist coming out of New Jersey. Eager to follow a recent amazing Hip Hop run (Fetty Wap, Tsu Surf) with his own success. Fetti sits down with us to discuss his immediate plans, current viral popularity and New Jersey’s impactful sound. Learn more about Chase Fetti below.

What was it like growing up in New Jersey?
Fun and scary [laughs]. A lot of drugs and gangs.

Do you enjoy freestyling?
It’s Kool if the time calls for that.

Dream feature?

Any other New Jersey artists you see yourself working with or rising on up with?
Tsu surf feature is in the making. Female by the name of Lady London.

Is it hard for you to handle music and life all at the same time?
Life gets rough on everyone at times, long as u stay solid and DONT QUIT you’ll survive.

Top 5 rappers from your home state present?
Albee al, Tsu Surf, retch, Fetty Wap, shake070 (who on right now).

What are you looking to express in your music? Or is it just something you do for fun?
Both. Just telling my story.

Any more major features up in the vault?
I got some shit [laughs].

Where are you from and what effect did it have on the person you are today?
I’m from Cliffwood, NJ. I spent years in and out of Asbury Park NJ and Harlem, NY. All three places played a part.



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