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Damn: A Review on a New Single from Trevionne By Jhantu Randall

Not that long ago I covered the single “Broke & Bummy,” a video that was shot in New York by Seattle native, Trevionne and his company 3M media. Now as October officially marks fall, Tre is back with his new single “Damn.”

Shot in Amarillo, Texas the scenery matches the vibe of the song and shows the lengths of Trevionne’s reach when it comes to his music. In conversations we’ve had what’s been pointed out is while most artists these days come off as playing a character, he writes from a place of honesty by crafting his songs from his own experiences and giving them to the audience. It’s evident if you truly take the time and listen to his bars.

The video begins with 2 woman walking up the stairs asking each other if they’ve heard about Trevionne’s show the next night. Presented by Wrongtree and Ucap the video opens with the women meeting Trevionne as they meet at his room to get the night started. First thing about this video that stands out is the beat. A smooth composition gives it a mood as opposed to just jumping on a trend. The ability to create that separates a person who is carving out a career from those who only live to ride an already established and temporary wave. 

Some of the best shots of this video are the group shots where Trevionne raps standing alongside the residents of Amarillo, further showing the unity that he presents and builds upon with every new release. The chorus speaks on chasing money and at times, sinning to get it but ultimately doing what you have to do to invest in yourself. The bars synch up with this sentiment as Tre addresses all that he’s had to do to continue the momentum which he has worked to create. The bar that is a definite rewind falls in the third verse, “Can’t no bitch nigga take my shine/Get your bitch ass on behind. That’s octopus, Calamari/Pussy niggas aint got no spine,” and while to many who just listen to beats, only listeners who enjoy the art of lyrics will get the depth of that subtle jab within the context of the song.

Upon hearing Damn for the first time the sense that was received was that of motivation, long gone are the days of grinding in the dirt for whatever left, this song gives the feeling of rising to a point where you can draft your own rules. That may be a foreign concept in an era overtaken by rainbow rappers who steadily chase clout, but even trolling to promote your art has a certain skill that’s required. When Trevionne uses these tactics he manages to always control the narrative which is reminiscent of how 50 cent promotes, while not the same necessarily the golden rule of never letting the story get beyond your control remains.

“Damn” is the single that is aimed to launch a project that follows Trevionne’s Seal Team 6 album which was released earlier and is available to be heard on youtube and other platforms. Here’s to anticipating what the rest of fall has in store.



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