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Good Energy: Eros Guide Volume 1 (review by Jhantu Randall)

The term “Good Energy” has been around forever but coined by the rapper Danny Moses who adopted not just the name but the concept itself. Running on a personalized concept that derives off the idea of balance, he shares its message through the tracks in his catalogue. Never coming off as preachy, the music shares both the good and the bad, along with sprinkling little hints of game that the listener can pick up on if they’re aware of what they’re listening for. I’ve heard some songs from Danny Moses before, if fact I still recommend his album “Dannimals,” but I always look for growth within artists and Danny has shown it. From adopting the name “Good Energy” as a moniker to changing up…or rather, expanding upon the style which he first become known for. In an era where music itself has no defined sound, it’s up to each creator to carve a place where they stand out amongst an overcrowded landscape.

Now, right off the top I’m not a fan of this new so called re-emergence of R&B as I feel the lack of actual singing makes the whole thing disingenuous, but with Good Energy’s Eros Guide Vol 1, I stand corrected only due to the fact that the artist himself stated it was sort of an R&B and Rap fusion. Under that framing I was able to go in as unbiased as possible and genuinely give this project a true listen. Without contemporary singing, it’s a specific vibe I look for in R&B that separates it from mellow Hip-Hop, although feeling and introspection are a good thing regardless of which form they may come.

“Ride 4 Me” starts this album off with a sound that is distinct to the West coast, heavy bass and soothing melodies do create a vibe that I tend to gravitate to when I hear it. The vocals blend well and although not singing entirely, the flow matches the bpm and comes together. The entire album sticks to that mellow vibe that captures the summer season, that matched with a pleasing cadence allows the listener to take in the lyrics and let each word make an impact upon them. That last sentence reigns true more specifically for “By the Hour” Featuring Born Gifted, “Please Don’t Try to Play Me,” “Ride With Me,” and “For the Love of Money.”

Not saying that the other tracks are fillers by any means but if I were to pop this into my system and play it for the first time, those 5 tracks would be the ones that stood out immediately. The others would have to grow on me through multiple listens but their vibe would have to match one that I was currently experiencing. That moment could happen but it would have to happen spontaneously. Don’t let any of that stop you from checking this out for yourself as I do think that it could get a lot of spins during the summer with the best potential being after the 4th of July and further towards August. Those months are when I think these songs would resonate the most. It’s an ambitious project that doesn’t come off as trying to be something it isn’t, Danny Moses pushes the entire concept of Good Energy that flows continuously throughout the playlist without it coming off as an imitation of a Drake idea or any of the other countless faces in the crowd solely due to the content in which he uses in his songs. So if you’re ready to add to your summer’s soundtrack, Good Energy Eros Guide Volume 1 is available on iTunes now.



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