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Time To Get Zooited by Jhantu Randall

Throughout the past couple years almost every show, every stage and every event, I’ve come to see Zooited Gang grace the stage and solidify their name. From performing in venues that they hosted to just seeing them from the perspective as a fan, I can’t stress enough that they bring something different to the scene.

With their set playlist I’ve witnessed them all grab the mic and set the place ablaze! Each performance has raised the bar for the other acts, because not only does Zooited Gang know who they are as a collective, they know who they are as individual artists. Always raising the energy of the crowd like a conductor, they know they're brand lies in the business that they run. Whether its merchandise, recording or other types of production, when they say they live hip hop, they don’t need to speak it their actions do all the necessary talking.

Now we’ve come to the point where even though they move as one, each member of the group appears to be pursuing solo ventures as well. With that being said, it only seems fitting to highlight Taye Zooited first. I’ve previously seen some videos he’s put out online and was impressed by what I was hearing. From being used to club bangers and high energy songs, Taye has showcased his lyricism and storytelling ability more in his solo releases. A few days ago, Taye Zooited, through Zooited Gang Entertainment has released the preview to a new single “Gang Shit YNZGB.”

Never willing to stay confined to a certain box the sound of this new single catches you off guard as its beat selection is something that immediately makes you feel elevated while at the same time sounding like something that you would play as you head to the club to celebrate the rewards of your week. With a melodic chorus that’ll make even the most vehement hater bob their head, the hook doubles down on the fact that each and every member is truly about their business at the end of the day. Where hip hop is mere entertainment for some, for the creators who produce something from nothing, this isn’t just a dream. It’s their actual life day in and day out.

Beyond having every member of the group in the video, the camera shots that open the video catches your eye immediately has it opens with an ariel view of the city on what could be any given night. From there the preview jumps to Taye, who is standing in front of white siting as he dances and sings “Gang Shit, 24/7 I be banging, we don’t give a fuck who you came with…” It’s in these shots that he’s advertising their shirts which as far as I know are available for purchase at their shows. While this is merely a preview of an upcoming video, the work put in only shows that there is plenty more to come just beyond the horizon.



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