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As I write these verses in my notebook staring a a starry sky
The pen is the instrument that helps find the reasons to why
My truest thoughts exist in these pages I write
Ironically, in person the same line of questioning will be met by a harsh stare accompanied by a dismissive eye
So this is why I write
To come to terms and make amends for all the wrongs I’ve willingly done in my life

To be a true poet you must possess the gift of reaching the audiences minds
To view the world through the innocence of a child while living multiple lives
It’s the fault of human behavior
The environment and nature
That’s what I strive to capture every single time
To be comfortable in both taking a leap and walking the line
Where the only 2 choices are to jump or fall to your demise

So who am I?
I am both nothing and everything
I live in-between the margins and divide
Just one voice added to a chorus of a vibrant kind
Relegated to the underground
From hole in the wall spots to generic coffee shops
But under the bright lights is where I rise
On this stage, the world becomes mine

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